TOPIC Sameh Shoukry
Sisi approves diplomatic reshuffle after months-long delay
Fishere was told that he had “crossed all political red lines" prior to his termination.
A diplomatic shake up with a taste of security
Asmahan Soliman | Diplomatic missions interrupted, others left unassigned, all based on security tips
Tensions with Sudan continue as Egypt’s foreign minister visits Khartoum
Asmahan Soliman | The Renaissance Dam and the Halayeb Triangle highlight the tensions between the two countries
Behind the curtains of the Foreign Ministry: Security apparatuses play for control
Asmahan Soliman | Diplomats reassigned, an embassy raided and a ministry managed beyond its leader's sight
A change of tune: Foreign Ministry issues mild response to US report on human rights in Egypt
Mostafa Mohie and Shady Zalat | A recent US report on human rights in Egypt has elicited an atypically mild response from the Foreign
Egypt warms up to Israel
Mohamed Hamama | Despite talk about the centrality of the peace process, the meeting was less about Palestine and more
Foreign minister champions human rights progress at UN rights council meeting
In DC, Egypt’s FM tries to walk back Sisi’s professed support for Assad’s army
Israeli papers welcome Shoukry’s visit
Egypt’s foreign minister meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem
Italian ambassador departs Cairo after recall over Regeni case
Kerry commends Egypt’s ‘counterterrorism efforts’ during FM Washington visit
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