TOPIC revolution
New stories in exile: Abdelrahman Mansour
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | "In the beginning, I was panicking and unable to sleep unless I talked to someone in Egypt."
Forty days of revolution in Iraq
Ahmed Youssef | Something is different about the October protests
From nationalism to resistance and back again
Sarah Carr | If there is one song that in years to come will immediately conjure up the heady days of June 30, 2013
Graffiti for two… Alaa and Douma
Alaa Abd El Fattah and Ahmed Douma | Graffiti for two .. Alaa and Douma (1) I know that despair is treason but the revolutionary in my country
Huda Lutfi: Cut and Paste
Laura Bird | Lutfi fills the space with many subjective experiences and narratives, allowing viewers to situate themselves
cosmic lovers
On silence: When August started in February
Dear cosmic lover, I feel like writing to you about silence. It’s raining in Cairo. It’s been raining
Peter Snowdon
Libya: The shadow of the people
On the third anniversary of the Libyan uprising, a YouTube video reminds us that the struggle for bread
Sarah Carr
History reconstructed: Rival realities in Egypt
Writer Maria Golia once described Cairo as a city held together by rubber bands in its teetering chaos.
Hundreds of Sudanese security forces rebel against dissolution amid security tension in Khartoum
Cartoon: Mistakes of the past
Andeel | Important man: "I'm not going to read all that!"Book title: Mistakes of the Past.
Cartoon: A man walks into a wing
Cartoon: The dawn of glue sniffing
Andeel | Pharaonic activist: "I don't know, I just feel like there must be a way to make the river rise other than drowning a girl in it every year."   Priest: "You and your bloody idealism again!"