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How will the government freeze on electricity prices for industries affect the renewable energy sector?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Renewable energy companies say the move will significantly harm the sector over the next five years
Report: World Bank policies in Egypt may exacerbate climate change
Jano Charbel | World Bank policies are increasing carbon emissions in Egypt, exacerbating risk for the most vulnerable
Investors terminate renewable energy projects following dispute over feed-in tariff
The future of Egypt’s renewable energy program is in doubt as relations between officials and investors
Democratizing Egypt’s energy roadmap
Isabel Esterman | Decisions about energy policy in Egypt are usually made behind closed doors, with little room at the
After a law liberalizing the electricity sector, Egypt scores major investments at summit
Isabel Esterman | This weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh, electricity sector deals dominated at the Egypt Economic Development
While renewables stall, coal powers ahead
Isabel Esterman | In recent months, Egypt has announced plans to build the country’s first two coal-fired power plants,
Feed-in tariff: A small step in the right direction
Isabel Esterman | When Egypt finally approved a feed-in tariff on September 16, the move was initially hailed as the government’s
Visitors from the sky
Isabel Esterman | Every spring, millions of birds pass through Egypt on their northern migrations. Along the way, they
The coal war
Louise Sarant | Two weeks ago, a giant mountain of coal was erected in the port of Alexandria. Uncovered, and barely
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Omar Robert Hamilton
Carbon Colonies & A Green New Deal
Can the climate emergency show us how to see through the political stasis of our current regimes?
Amena Sharaf
Is renewable energy really too costly for Egypt?
High prices of renewable energy are consistently used to justify Egypt’s modest renewable energy ambitions,
Amena Sharaf and Isabel Bottoms
Egypt’s potential energy pathways
Egypt just hosted the sixth African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN). The theme this
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Solar-powered plane stops in Cairo before flying off to UAE
Japan to fund projects worth LE18 billion, host 2,500 Egyptian students
Egypt welcomes biggest wind farm in Middle East
Egypt makes another step toward solar, but energy experts worry political will isn’t there
Egypt to rely on coal for 25-30% of energy
Cabinet approves tariff law to encourage renewable energy investments