TOPIC Renaissance Dam
As tripartite talks resume, Egypt fears long-sought binding agreement on GERD may be mirage
There are fears in Cairo that Addis Ababa is merely maneuvering to stall for time
A decade of dispute: The battle over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
"The answer to all of these types of concerns is cooperation and a degree of economic integration."
Egypt’s bet on international pressure yields scant results as GERD talks remain at impasse
Egypt's water minister blamed the lack of progress on “intransigent positions” held by Ethiopia
As tensions build over Ethiopia’s postponed elections, PM takes heat from opposition parties
Simon Marks | Diplomatic sources close to GERD talks suspect Abiy boosts political capital at home
Egypt courts Sudan as time runs out in Ethiopia dam dispute
The clock is ticking in a long-running dispute over Ethiopia’s plans to build a mega-dam
Sources: Egypt ‘counting on US’ to prevent Ethiopia from filling dam without final agreement
US President Donald Trump wants to preside over a signing ceremony, said a source close to the talks
Sources: US-proposed GERD deal sets Ethiopia water release at 37 bcm, major disputes remain
For the US proposal to become a reality, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia must first make major concessions
Renaissance Dam negotiations between Egypt and Ethiopia ‘stumbling’ as talks set to resume next week
What remains in question is Egypt’s ability to manage its broader water resources issue.
Ethiopian bid for mediation, African Union suspension trouble Egypt’s play for role in Sudan’s transition
Egypt is an eager mediator in Sudan but its position is contested by Ethiopia and Kenya
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GERD talks stumble yet again, with no prospect of binding agreement
Ethiopia irrigation minister: Ethiopia has not started filling dam, pooling in reservoir due to rains is ‘known to Egyptian president’
Egypt asks UN Security Council to intervene in GERD dispute, Sisi says Egypt committed to diplomatic solution
Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopian offer for transitional agreement on mega-dam to allow initial filling in summer
FM spokesperson: Ethiopian PM’s rejection of World Bank mediation in Renaissance Dam negotiations ‘taken out of context’
Government official: Sudan rejects Egypt’s Halayeb Triangle offer
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