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Solafa and Hossam: Once inseparable, journalist couple languish in prison away from their son
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Magdy and Sayyad had feared that this moment would come.
Court renews detention of 700 in single ‘unprecedented’ session
“Who is the judge supposed to listen to? And which case file is he meant to look at?”
On the deserts Gasser Abdel Razek populated
Lina Attalah | Gasser cooks for his loved ones. He also takes his loved ones to the desert.
Detained EIPR head held in ‘inhumane and degrading’ prison conditions
Abdel Razek said he has been held in solitary confinement since he arrived at Tora on Friday morning
Crackdown on EIPR escalates with arrest of criminal justice director
Ennarah's arrest comes three days after EIPR's administrative manager was also arrested.
Defense lawyers say move to hold remote detention renewal sessions undermines due process
The Justice Ministry has a plan to expand the new procedures to the entire court system
Prisons in the time of COVID-19
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “Right now we’re looking at a black hole that is swallowing the entire prison system.”
Without evidence or trial: Remand detention is authorities’ tool of choice to imprison political opponents
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Many activists have been subjected to the revolving door of prison
Heba Anis
Does my husband deserve such abuse?
Why have we — his child and I — been denied his presence all this time?
After 2-yr forced disappearance with her child, rights orgs call for release of Manar Aboul Naga
Spokesperson for Sisi rival in 2018 presidential race released after 17-month detention
Lawyer Islam Salama forcibly disappeared for 19 days after remand detention order expires
Abdel Rahman ‘Mocha’ Tarek ends hunger strike in protest of detention due to health issues, pressure from prison
Imprisoned translator Kholoud Said faces charges in new case after weeks-long disappearance from police station
Ten executions carried out in Minya
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