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The new draft constitution
The 50-member committee tasked with writing the constitution released on Friday a draft of its amendments
Nader Andrawos
Speaking of Evil: Are human rights a new religion?
The history of human rights is a strange, confusing collage of many events from across the world.
Preacher Islam al-Beheiry sentenced to one year for insulting Islam
Judge orders arrest of a student who declared atheism
Cartoon: Thank God
Andeel | Thank God I'm the only one who has the right interpretation!
Cartoon: Might as well
Andeel | "Dear God, may your mercy cleanse me of my sins like a white piece of cloth, may you purify my soul with... Wait by the way, that flat in 6th of October City, please please I want it without too much interest on the price. Please God, please... please!" 
Cartoon: The believer dog
Andeel | Man: "Holy shit!"Dog: "Chill out dude, I'm also on my way to prayer." 
Cartoon: The religious
Andeel | Caption: Mass sexual assault in Tahrir Square again Signs: A nation religious by nature