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Reflections on walls: On Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s latest project
Sara Elkamel | On the implications sound travel may have on privacy, surveillance and human rights violations
Distressed and homeless in Athens, settled but compromised in Kassel: On documenta 14
Dan Jakubowski | Dan Jakubowski navigates institutional ethics and painfully human art
Is Egypt the new gateway to Europe?
Muhammad al-Kashef and Tom Rollins | There has been a notable change in the demographic using the Central Mediterranean route to Italy: while
The desperation of Oromo refugees in Cairo
Pesha Magid | Ademo says many Oromo still in Cairo feel hopeless, and “some have publicly suggested they have nothing
The socio-economics of diaspora
Tom Rollins | The majority of Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR in Egypt are now classed as “severely vulnerable,”
The difficult transition
Tom Rollins | Egypt, historically an important transit country in Mediterranean migration, demonstrates how the routes
Poem: Arab Spring, Arab Sink.
Jehan Bseiso | Arab Spring, Arab Sink. (1) My friend called me from Sanaa, from Gaza, from Sinai, from Homs.She said: 
Empty archives: What do we do with what we do not know
Laura Cugusi | In the era of hypervisibility the invisible is acquiring a new relevance in the dynamics of power that
Unwelcome guests: Egypt’s failed experiment in refugee detention
Tom Rollins | One night in September, a boat carrying over 200 refugees was brought in to Alexandria by the Egyptian
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Parastou Hassouri
Trapped on island ‘hotspots:’ Life for refugees in Greece after the EU-Turkey deal
As the possibilities of relocating slim further, remaining in Greece is hard to accept
Tom Rollins
Refuge and the myth of the liberal welcome
It is a welcome with caveats: asylum comes with a time limit, rights with conditions
Khaled Mansour
World leaders hold humanitarian summit, but is there hope?
From May 23 to 24 the World Humanitarian Summit was held in Istanbul. Thousands of government officials,
At least five Sudanese migrants shot dead by security forces near Israeli border
Justice Ministry to establish special courts for human traffickers and smugglers
11 dead as boat carrying undocumented migrants capsizes in Balteem
Smugglers could face life sentence under new migration bill
Sawiris in negotiations over Greek islands to host refugees
Rights groups condemn Egypt’s ongoing detention of refugees
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Cartoon: Can you make some room?!
Sabry Eltawil | "Can you make some room!?""No."