TOPIC Ramadan 2016
‘Where are those places?’ Ramadan TV beyond reality and representation
Mohammad Shawky Hassan | Mohamed Shawky Hassan analyzes the complexities of representation and reality in Egypt's Ramadan TV.
Notes on mental health after watching Soqoot Horr
Naira Antoun | Naira Antoun takes the occasion of the Ramadan series "Soqoot Horr" (Free Fall to reflect on the portrayal
Afrah al-Qobba: A spectacle of disappointment
Yasmine Zohdi | By sexing up a Naguib Mahfouz novel, the makers of this Ramadan's "Afrah al-Qobba" distort its evocative
The Caesar: Where NGOs burn the world and terrorists speak through CNN
Heba Afify | Heba Afify expected that “The Caesar" would bring much-needed nuance to the representation of terrorism
Ramadan’s stand-out ads: Time to tone down the chauvinism, Birell
Dalia Rabie | The fake beer brought back its famous misogyny and strayed into homophobia too.
Ramadan TV’s stand-out ads: Etisalat is optimistically classist
Rowan El Shimi | The new advert from Egypt's youngest telecom company is all about optimism, but many find it problematic.
Ramadan TV’s stand-out ads: Hospital ad causes complex controversy
Amany Ali Shawky | A coming together of A-listers, a noble cause and a social media spat has generated this year’s hottest
Ramadan behind bars
Haitham Gabr | As children were busy preparing decorations and putting them up in the streets ahead of Ramadan, and
Mada’s Ramadan TV tips: What to watch and what to drop
A write up of what our culture and politics teams have been watching and whether we’d recommend anything
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Heba Afify
Blog: The case against social obligations
As Ramadan approaches each year, I begin to get nervous about a phenomenon that is as characteristic
Update: Man sentenced to 6 months in prison for standing naked in balcony
Egypt’s Consumer Protection Agency to ban ‘immoral’ Ramadan commercials
Police raid Cairo cafes in first week of Ramadan
Student dies of heat exhaustion during exams at Assiut University
Eating in public during Ramadan is an attack on Islam, declares Dar al-Ifta
Egypt opens Gaza border crossing for 4 days ahead of Ramadan