TOPIC Rafah displacement
Rafah: The city of blood and desertion
Mourad Higazy | An August of heightened bloodshed in the fight between the military and militants in Rafah
In Sinai’s Rafah, the war continues
A North Sinai resident | During a meeting with “representatives of Egyptian society” held earlier this month, President
A history of forced relocations
Isabel Esterman | On October 29, the Egyptian army began bulldozing and dynamiting houses along Egypt’s border with Gaza
A North Sinai resident
Terrorism and the city
Death has become the cheap currency of the city. Citizens are killed by both sides everyday. If they
Heba Afify
When home is lost
In 2012, I met 67-year-old Ahmed Abdallah, a Nubian man who was among those displaced in 1963 to allow
Egyptian authorities separate buffer zone from Rafah City with barbed wire
Egypt launches 3rd phase of buffer zone construction in Rafah
Cabinet allocates lands to displaced North Sinai citizens
Foreign Ministry: Sinai residents not harmed by ongoing operations
HRW slams military for forcibly evicting thousands in Sinai
Sisi promises up to LE1 bln for displaced Rafah residents
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