TOPIC Rafah border crossing
Military launches raids, airstrikes in North Sinai following deadly militant attack on checkpoint
The series of escalations by Egypt’s Armed Forces comes days after a brazen attack by militants
As Egypt defends control of crumbling mediation efforts in Palestine, Hamas escalates on Israel border
Ahmad Shehada and Thaier Oun | Any hopes Hamas had for Egypt as a mediator were dashed after last week's visit to Cairo
8 Palestinians rescued after Egyptian military floods Rafah-Gaza commercial tunnel
Eight Palestinians survived an Egyptian military attempt to flood a commercial Gaza-Rafah tunnel
At the terminal: Stories from the Rafah Border Crossing
Hamza Abu Eltarabesh | It has been one month since the Rafah Border Crossing was opened, the longest window since 2013
On awkwardness and acceptance: Me, my mother and the Rafah crossing
Farah Barqawi | How do interpersonal relationships fare across borders, given Egypt's blockade on Gaza?
There is no beach like Gaza’s: Talking to the makers of Gaza Surf Club
Amna Magdy | Despite the slight stereotyping tendencies, Gaza Surf Club is well worth watching
A timeline of Rafah border closings since 2013
Since former President Hosni Mubarak’s days, the Egyptian authorities have alternated between opening
Watching over Gaza
Heba Afify | Um Iyad, 65, stands at dawn on the porch of her house in the Egyptian town of Rafah, watching the smoke
A North Sinai resident
Terrorism and the city
Death has become the cheap currency of the city. Citizens are killed by both sides everyday. If they
Hamas hands control of 3 crossings to Palestinian Authority
Hamas leader arrives in Cairo to discuss Gaza blockade
3 Palestinians killed, 5 injured after Armed Forces destroys Egypt-Gaza tunnel
Egypt opens Gaza border crossing for 4 days ahead of Ramadan
Military announces more tunnels destroyed along Gaza border
Egypt opens Rafah border with Gaza for three days
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