How ‘family values’ are used against women | Q&A with Lobna Darwish
The sentences — based on articles in the 2018 cybercrime law — were the first of their kind
Why now: Jelani Cobb on the uprising in America
Millions of people around the world are watching the state use violence against US citizens en masse
Q&A with Jalel Harchaoui: A Libyan ‘agreement’ in Paris?
Jalel Harchaoui speaks with Mada Masr about the July 25 Paris agreement and its aftermath
Q&A with Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy
Louise Sarant | In a Q&A from COP22, Fahmy addresses everything from climate finance to Egypt's contentious coal use.
Absolutely against nostalgia: An interview with Rami Abadir on his new release
Kamila Metwaly | "No music scene thrives on funds."
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh: Producing songs as I hear them in my head
Kinda Hassan | I met musician Tamer Abu Ghazaleh in the new Cairo offices of his Arab music platform Eka3 to talk
Q&A with Omar Samra: From conquering to letting go
Omar Samra talks to Mada Masr about incorporating personal loss into his life mission and moving away
Q&A with filmmaker-translator Ernesto Pagano about Taxi and Islam in Naples
Lucia Carminati | Ernesto Pagano reflects on translating from Egyptian colloquial Arabic to Italian and his film about
On the fly: Actor Mohamed Farag on comedy, chemistry and more
Amany Ali Shawky and Maha ElNabawi | "Not even just in work, look at couples, relationships, everything — If you have no chemistry, you
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There appears to be the usual share of confusion about what the Mubarak trial judge just said and did.
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