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Kaha: A storied food company struggles to regain its former glory
Omaima Ismail | Kaha’s storied brand had disappeared into the realm of memory.
COVID-19 relief? Where is the government getting the money?
Beesan Kassab | The cut is just one of a host of measures that explain the government’s COVID-19 budget policy.
New wave of public sector labor strikes from Alexandria to Aswan
Jano Charbel | A new wave of labor strikes is sweeping Egypt, from Alexandria to Aswan, primarily in public sector companies.
Protesting conscripts and civil servants: Cracks in the regime’s support system?
Mostafa Mohie | Three weeks separated the protests against the civil service law and protests staged by police conscripts
Workers protest civil service law in one of biggest street actions since 2013
Jano Charbel | Thousands of public sector workers took to the streets on Monday in protest against the civil service
Real wages for public sector employees drop in FY 2018/19 state budget
17 striking workers acquitted as court demands right to strike be included in civil service law
Tension runs high in lead-up to civil service law protest
Authorities refuse to authorize protest against new Civil Service Law
Public sector workers protest civil service law, plan more protests in August
Sisi frees presidency, Cabinet from some public sector labor laws
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