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Mourad Higazy | Several people were killed by armed assailants in North Sinai amid ongoing security campaign
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Education interrupted
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Rowan El Shimi | I was born in Egypt, raised in Egypt, went to a school that mixed both English and Arabic, and I consider
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Mai Shams El-Din | Yasmine Hamed worked hard to save money for her marriage five years ago. But by the time her daughter
Farida Makar
How Egypt’s public schools became isolated
The relationship between civil society and modern education in Egypt dates back — at the very least
Farida Makar
Looking for alternative education in Egypt?
In 1914, a manual was published to instruct students enrolled at Madrasit al-Mu’almin al-Uliyya —
High school students protest new grading policy
Death, sexual assault and mass food poisoning in first week of school
Parents protest across Egypt for better school conditions
Over 100 students fall ill from food poisoning in Beheira school
Cartoon: One thing at a time
Andeel | Assistant: "Sir! Sir! What are we going to do with the trash, the traffic, electricity, hospitals, security, wages, judiciary and the future?? What will we do with all the ignorance??!" Sisi: "... Increase ignorance!"