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TOPIC public health
Collective action anesthetized: The Doctors Syndicate from 2016-2018
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | How has the Doctors Syndicate gone from a vehicle for mobilization to beset by low participation?
State TV ad campaigns and the natural evolution of the ‘good citizen’
Leila Arman | From being asked to not be burdensome to being told to kill our dissident self with our own hands
Lionel Messi arrives in Egypt for medical tourism campaign
Argentinian football star Lionel Messi arrived in Cairo Tuesday for a medical tourism campaign
Egypt’s working poor are facing a silent killer: Bad food
Maddison Sawle | Increasing rates of diabetes & heart disease are an inevitable result of a broken food & health system
Health problems loom on Egypt’s horizon
Luiz Sanchez | Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region are in a “crucial health phase,” as deteriorating health
Egyptian strawberries may not be source of US hepatitis A outbreak
Mohamed Hamama | After 10 people contracted hepatitis A upon consuming fruit drinks at Virginia Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Struggling for a drop of blood
Mai Shams El-Din | A woman carried her son as she pleaded with the doctor in charge of Nasser Institute Hospital’s blood
The cost of smoking
Pesha Magid | On World No Tobacco Day 2015, Mada Masr releases an infograph that breaks down the smoking demographics
Hussein Kamal
Health is a public ‘good’
Health economics has been a field of economics that has attracted great interest since the publication
Heba Wanis
Egypt will not patent new hepatitis C drug
Local newspapers recently reported that the first batch of sofosbuvir, the new drug for treating the
Amani Massoud
Even if we can cure AIDS, do we really want to?
When the Egyptian army’s medical team announced it had invented two devices to detect and cure
New strain of bird flu reported in 3 locations across Nile Delta
Air pollution costs Egypt 3.58% of GDP in welfare losses
Doctors in private clinics join push for affordable healthcare
Black smog in Cairo due to weather conditions, not burning fields: Environment Ministry
Health Ministry stymied by mystery illness spreading across Assiut
Over 100 students fall ill from food poisoning in Beheira school
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