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How a young doctor assigned himself work at the beach
Mohamed Tarek | A majority of this year's grads abstained from enrolling in the new system
What we know about the Emirati company managing COVID-19 clinical trials in Egypt
Concerns remain regarding the oversight of the clinical trials
Medical nonprofits face the pandemic
Nada Gamal | Two socially funded operations have seen their workload swell several-fold during the crisis.
Coronavirus in Sinai: Fear and negligence as cases rise. Governor: ‘Expected and not disturbing’
The surge coincided with end-of-year high school exams.
Here’s how the government wants us to coexist with COVID-19
Rana Mamdouh | The government made an about-face in strategy on April 23.
Garbage collectors do essential work without protection from coronavirus
Karoline Kamel | They do so at risk of infection, working within a system that does little to protect them.
After doctors blame administration for COVID-19 clusters at hospitals, Health Ministry circulates new procedures in internal memo
The index case for the latter two hospitals is still unknown
Confinement and disruption: How children are coping with the pandemic
Yasmin El-Rifae | “We have to look after ourselves as parents, otherwise we can’t help them.”
Stranded during the pandemic: Estrangement and limbo
Basma Mostafa and Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “If I’d known what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have come back to Egypt"
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Kenzie Azmi
Is a ban on wildlife trade the best way to prevent another pandemic?
Egypt is also a player in the global wildlife trade.
Hussein Kamal
Health is a public ‘good’
Health economics has been a field of economics that has attracted great interest since the publication
Heba Wanis
Egypt will not patent new hepatitis C drug
Local newspapers recently reported that the first batch of sofosbuvir, the new drug for treating the
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1st quarantine hospital halts admission after more than half of staff contracts COVID-19
Supreme Administrative Court overturns ruling stipulating increase in compensation for doctors
New strain of bird flu reported in 3 locations across Nile Delta
Air pollution costs Egypt 3.58% of GDP in welfare losses
Doctors in private clinics join push for affordable healthcare
Black smog in Cairo due to weather conditions, not burning fields: Environment Ministry
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