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Province of Sinai claims responsibility for attack targeting Tarabin tribesmen
Mai Shams El-Din | The attack marks the most recent development in ongoing tensions between the tribe and Province of Sinai
Palm Sunday bombings: A security failure and the Islamic State’s expansion into the mainland
Omar Said | Church bombings point to national security failures and Islamic State territorial loses in the region
Islamic State affiliate in Sinai gaining ground?
Basma Mostafa | Province of Sinai militants have reportedly intensified their presence in Arish, setting up a number
Anger and desperation accompany Copts from their homes in Arish to Ismailia
Karoline Kamel | Sinai's Copts are faced with a church that closed its doors to them and a state that intervened too late
North Sinai Copts face death or displacement in absence of security and tribal protection
Heba Afify | The circle of Coptic Christians in danger of targeted attacks widens in the absence of protection
3 questions raised by the Islamic State’s alleged involvement in the church bombing
Omar Said | What does this signify about the group's Egypt operations?
The Armed Forces’ men in Sinai
In an indication of the difficulty the Armed Forces has faced in advancing its ground campaign against
Skepticism and blood in Sinai follow news of militant leader death
Heba Afify | Egypt's military has announced the killing of a militant leader in Sinai, but locals say that whether
In Sinai’s Rafah, the war continues
A North Sinai resident | During a meeting with “representatives of Egyptian society” held earlier this month, President
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A North Sinai resident
Terrorism and the city
Death has become the cheap currency of the city. Citizens are killed by both sides everyday. If they
Update: IS claims responsibility for North Sinai large-scale attack that killed at least 23 Armed Forces soldiers
2 retired officers and conscript killed in Giza shooting; Province of Sinai claims 3 attacks in Arish
Tribal recordings of alleged interrogation of Province of Sinai member sheds light on militant group’s structure
Clashes escalate between Tarabin tribesmen and IS in North Sinai
IS interview hints at new Egypt branch outside Sinai
Kidnappings lead to heightened tensions between militants and North Sinai tribes
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