TOPIC protester arrests
Despite release of at least 96 detainees, calls for more ‘open’ political process, tense security situation highlighted by arrest of lawyers persists
Despite the decision to release at least 96 detainees, the security crackdown has persisted.
Biggest wave of arrests since Sisi took office: 1909 people detained
Amnesty International demanded that the authorities allow protests to take place tomorrow
Leading Warraq Island activist arrested at Cairo airport as land struggle continues
Mostafa Mohie | The island’s residents have been engaged in a long battle over government plans to expropriate land
January 25, 2016: Cold, gray and mostly quiet
Isabel Esterman | It wasn’t just the Interior Ministry, the Endowments Ministry and other state entities putting
Women behaving boldly
Naira Antoun | A protest law described by human rights groups as highly restrictive was passed on November 24, bracketed
Making an example
Naira Antoun and Lindsey Parietti | Each day Lobna Youssef Mohamed leaves home, hoping she will get to wave at her daughter through a small
Inside the campus
Mai Shams El-Din | As waves of student protests rise to a new level of violence, dozens of students have been arrested in
Mohamed Naeem
April 25: A crack in the wall of fear?
Hundreds were detained in the week leading up to the April 25 protests, including well-known activists
Heba Afify
Egypt’s hunger games
While watching the sequel to the “Hunger Games” last Friday, I was stunned to find a striking resemblance
Heavy police presence, random searches around Tahrir ahead of Sept. 20 protest anniversary
Security directives instruct media to attack National Council for Human Rights
Heavy security clampdown on anti-Sisi protests as state mobilizes supporters to rally
Lawyer Mahienour al-Massry arrested and Karama Party leader appears before Supreme State Security Prosecution after forced disappearance
Demonstrations persist in Suez on Saturday as rights organizations continue to track arrests
Hundreds estimated arrested in country-wide protests, as political source describes confusion in president’s absence
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