TOPIC protest law
Parliamentary committee approves judicial appointment bill in surprise move
Rana Mamdouh | A bill has been approved which allows the president to appoint Egypt's top judicial positions
The assembly law’s fate: What are the implications of the challenge to the British colonial-era statute
A lawsuit calls for the government to recognize the 1928 repeal of the assembly law
Down 1 article, the protest law survives
Mostafa Mohie | Read a run down of the implications of the court ruling that overturned Article 10 of the protest law
What happened after February 11, 2011?
Mai Shams El-Din | The famous chant of “bread, freedom and social justice” continued to resonate in people’s heads
Anti-Protest Law campaigners say Ramadan pardons are not enough
Heba Afify | A list of 165 detainees pardoned by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday for the holy month of
Between prisons
Lina Attalah | This conversation is part of issue 1 of Status Hour, an emerging collaborative monthly audio journal
On hunger strikes: A brief background
A growing number of Egyptian prisoners have joined a widespread wave of hunger strikes, including well-known
Mobilizations around the sea
Jared Malsin | On a warm evening in June 2013, a Turkish activist named Bulent Muftuouglu was on his way to
Starving for justice
Heba Afify | Fatigued by a year of void legal processes and deprivation of basic rights, political prisoners are attempting
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Alaa Abd El Fattah
Jan 25, 5 years on: The only words I can write are about losing my words
Five years ago on what would turn out to be the last normal day of my life I sat down at my desk in a
Alaa Abd El Fattah
An open letter
At 4 pm today, I celebrated with my colleagues my last meal in prison. I have decided — when I saw
Timothy E. Kaldas
Ferguson’s lessons for Egypt
What’s unfolding in Ferguson Missouri is undoubtedly a terrible sight. A young unarmed man was shot
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Lawyers: At least 70 arrested nationwide for alleged involvement in ‘protests’ sparked by train crash
Interior Ministry forbids downtown Cairo protest against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
50 policemen sentenced to 3 years for striking
Egypt detains 25 Port Said residents, including 6 minors, for protesting stadium tragedy death sentences
Verdict in retrial of officer accused of killing Shaimaa al-Sabbagh set for June 19
Security refuses to receive notification for island protest
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Cartoon: Learn from the best
Hicham Rahma |   Mubarak: "Alaa, listen — steal and you get honored, protest and you get harmed."