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Going it alone: Schools, teachers, families struggle with second COVID-19 wave
Hadeer El-Mahdawy and Nada Arafat | "We are being sacrificed, and if we talk, we get crushed. Schools must be suspended"
Low pay, no social insurance, wage theft: The plight of private school teachers
The deterioration of private school teachers’ working conditions did not start with the pandemic.
Tuition for empty seats: No salaries for teachers, no refunds for parents
Nada Arafat | The education minister has said the ministry will not look into the issue until August.
Video | My school, my refuge
Ariane Lavrilleux and Martin Roux | Abdi resumed his basic education at the age of 18 in a private school established by refugees
Will the private sector save Egypt’s education plea?
Mai Shams El-Din | Will the state's new public-private sector initiative to build more schools solve Egypt's education woes?
The international school of Egypt’s military
Heba Afify | Entering into its second academic year, Egypt's military's international school has higher hopes after
Sexual assault of 3-year-old exposes school, legal failures
Passant Rabie | The mother of a three-year-old boy raped by a 36-year-old security guard at a private school in Nasr
A growing niche: The rise of English as a literary language in Egypt
Rowan El Shimi | I was born in Egypt, raised in Egypt, went to a school that mixed both English and Arabic, and I consider
Phantom schools
Pesha Magid | Since the 1960s, private schooling has been a booming business in Egypt. Although many of them require
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Cartoon: One thing at a time
Andeel | Assistant: "Sir! Sir! What are we going to do with the trash, the traffic, electricity, hospitals, security, wages, judiciary and the future?? What will we do with all the ignorance??!" Sisi: "... Increase ignorance!"