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Detox | Deliver us to freedom
This is a guide to try and breach the barrier, as we long for the day that it finally comes down.
Between prison and the outside world: The messengers of last resort
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The letters from prison usually contain simple, heartfelt requests from prisoners.
Ragia Omran: Tirelessly pursuing human rights with one foot in corporate law
Award-winning lawyer Ragia Omran on working in human rights while keeping one foot in corporate law
A turn for the worse at Aqrab Prison, say outraged families of inmates
Dalia Rabie | For inmates at Aqrab (Scorpion) Prison, there was a small window of time when life got a little better
Families allowed to visit detainees in Aqrab Prison
Dalia Rabie | Following months of denied visitations, families were this week allowed to visit their relatives held
Families of detainees refute national report on their treatment in prison
Beesan Kassab | Detainee Amr Rabie reportedly refused an offer from a prison officer to change his behavior in return
The sound of prison
Lina Attalah | It’s 10 am and the contours of Tora Prison, south of Cairo, are filling with families arriving on time
Letter from the wife of Khaled al-Sayed: A prison visit
Hoda Mahmoud |   Thursday, February 6, 2014, was the first time I experienced a prison visit, an experience shared
Diana Eltahawy , Hani Mostafa , Reda Marie , Taher Mokhtar and Taher Mokhtar, Diana Eltahawy, Reda Marie, Hani Mostafa
Why Egypt should open its prisons
In late April, a small group of us from Egyptian NGOs and independent movements attended the Middle East
Families of at least 18 political prisoners denied visitation rights
Families of inmates say Aqrab Prison has banned visits until after April 25 protests
NCHR member Ragia Omran prevented from visiting Aqrab prison
Despite deaths and rampant abuse allegations, rights council says all is well at Aqrab Prison
Interior Ministry denies NCHR permit to investigate prison
NCHR confirms allegations of torture of political prisoners in Abu Zaabal
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