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‘Does anyone know why we’re here?’: A letter from a journalist in pretrial detention
A letter from journalist Hamdy al-Zaeem, currently in pretrial detention in Tora Prison
I am talking about all of us: A letter from prison
Two hundred days ago, security forces stormed a house in Santa (a district in Gharbiya Governorate) after
The sound of prison
Lina Attalah | It’s 10 am and the contours of Tora Prison, south of Cairo, are filling with families arriving on time
Letter from the wife of Khaled al-Sayed: A prison visit
Hoda Mahmoud |   Thursday, February 6, 2014, was the first time I experienced a prison visit, an experience shared
Graffiti for two… Alaa and Douma
Alaa Abd El Fattah and Ahmed Douma | Graffiti for two .. Alaa and Douma (1) I know that despair is treason but the revolutionary in my country
A letter from Alaa Abd El Fattah to his sisters
Alaa Abd El Fattah | To Mona & Sanaa: I miss you a lot, although I see you more when I’m in jail than when I’m
Abdelrahman al-Gendy
From prison: Stars and the world
22-year-old Abdelrahman al-Gendy writes from Tora Prison
Alaa Abd El Fattah
The birth of a bright new world (3): Who can compete with Uber?
'Uber's financing permits it to flood any market where it encounters competition'
Alaa Abd El Fattah
The birth of a bright new world (2): Atoms and bits
Alaa Abd El Fattah writes from prison on the intersection of technology and labor in Egypt's economy
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