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TOPIC prison conditions
Innocence behind bars: The fate of Egypt’s minors at the mercy of criminal and military courts
Mahmoud Wakea | Mada Masr looked into 35 cases of minors who have appeared before criminal and military courts
After 3 years in prison, student searches desperately for her missing fiancé
Mai Shams El-Din | Asmaa Hamdy’s fiancé was forcibly disappeared a week before her release
Disappeared, detained and tortured for no reason: Islam Khalil recounts his story
Heba Afify | A few weeks after being released from prison, Islam Khalil looks back at his detention conditions.
Story of medical neglect: Former prisoner Mohand Ehab dies from leukemia
Jano Charbel | Mohand Ehab died on Monday due to complications related to leukaemia that worsened while he was imprisoned
Stories of prison visits, ongoing hardship
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Families of Egyptian prisoners recount brief, irregular visits, and the arbitrary banning of goods from
Ramadan behind bars
Haitham Gabr | As children were busy preparing decorations and putting them up in the streets ahead of Ramadan, and
A turn for the worse at Aqrab Prison, say outraged families of inmates
Dalia Rabie | For inmates at Aqrab (Scorpion) Prison, there was a small window of time when life got a little better
Families allowed to visit detainees in Aqrab Prison
Dalia Rabie | Following months of denied visitations, families were this week allowed to visit their relatives held
Families demand warm clothes, better conditions for Aqrab Prison detainees
Mai Shams El-Din | Those who manage to receive news of their loved ones say they lack access to food, clean water and medication.
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Alaa Abd El Fattah
Jan 25, 5 years on: The only words I can write are about losing my words
Five years ago on what would turn out to be the last normal day of my life I sat down at my desk in a
Omar Hazeq
Invisible prisoners, Part 1
Muhannad Ihab, a child who suffered through juvenile detention, imprisonment, disease and Miry Hospital.
Abdelrahman Gad
Could an Egyptian Madres de Plaza de Mayo be taking shape?
As in Argentina, groups of Egyptians — mostly women — have come together to draw attention to the
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Son claims prison administration refuses to treat Abouel Fotouh’s deteriorating health
State Council ruling allows imprisoned activist Alaa Abd El Fattah to receive books, letters
Deputy president of Strong Egypt Party reports mistreatment in prison
Family of detained journalist Hesham Gaafar files assault complaints
Report: More than a thousand civilians currently held in notorious military prison camp
Detainee with rare leishmaniasis infection to be returned to prison: Family
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Cartoon: The era of love
Andeel | Teacher: "What happens to those who don't love Papa Sisi, kids?"Kids: "They go to jail, miss!"