TOPIC prison conditions
Turned away from hospitals, a Tora prison employee dies, raising concern about the pandemic in overcrowded prisons
The Interior Ministry released a statement on Sunday addressing Hegazy’s death.
Prisons in the time of COVID-19
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “Right now we’re looking at a black hole that is swallowing the entire prison system.”
New stories in exile: Anno Kachina
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Nine years ago, millions of Egyptians took to the streets in revolt against a regime that had been in
Malak al-Kashif: Becoming a woman
Nada Arafat | Malak might be the first out transperson detained in connection with a political case in Egypt.
Thinking with Alaa
Khaled Fahmy | "When I demand my right to read and write, I am not asking for a luxury."
Lawyers: New case against Qassas a tactic to keep political prisoners jailed beyond 2-year remand detention limit
Haridy anticipates a number of political prisoners near the 2-year limit will be added to the case
Between prison and the outside world: The messengers of last resort
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | The letters from prison usually contain simple, heartfelt requests from prisoners.
‘Hospitals are for the dying’: Medical negligence inside Egyptian prisons
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | Rights groups have repeatedly warned that conditions in Egypt’s prisons are far below standards
Probation: The (illegal) half-life created by nights inside a police station
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira and Mohamed Hamama | Thousands of Egyptians are on a form of probation that violates Egyptian law
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Alaa Abd El Fattah
Our bodies and enmity: A personal introduction
The story is not about prisoners’ health, but the health of the nation.
Sarah Rifky
we announce our love for life
We need a lucid world, and sobriety, to reimagine what is to come.  
Mirette Moenes
Six steps the Prison Authority should take immediately in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
If – or rather, when – the virus gets into prisons, it will be nearly impossible to contain it.
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Third detainee dies in Tora Prison in 3-week span
As detainees remain cut off amid pandemic, Alaa Abd El Fattah continues month-long hunger strike
Resetting the prison clock: Abouel Fotouh charged in new case days before completing maximum two years in remand detention
Cold cells: Demands for warmth for prisoners
UN rights review roundly criticizes Egypt over prison conditions, civil society violations, discrimination
Handicrafts, ostriches and football: Journalists, public figures taken on stage-managed tour of Tora Prison Complex
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Cartoon: The era of love
Andeel | Teacher: "What happens to those who don't love Papa Sisi, kids?" Kids: "They go to jail, miss!"