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Jailed Fairmont witness in danger, family and lawyer say, as remand detention drags on
Prosecutors renewed Karim’s remand detention for 45 days on Saturday.
‘I was free, even though I was in prison’
Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira | Hesham Gaafar: A journalist’s story of detention
Putting satire behind bars: The case of Shady Abu Zeid
Sharif Abdel Kouddous | Shady Abu Zeid is not a political organizer or agitator, but has been detained for over six months
Another 45 days: The endless uncertainty of pretrial detention in Egyptian prisons
CS | Sabry has spent 2 years in prison on terrorism charges pending trial. Will he get out April 16?
Sisi to Irish delegation: ‘If I had the power to, I would free Ibrahim Halawa’
Jano Charbel | An interview with TD Paul Murphy on the Irish delegation's visit to Egypt to lobby for the release of
Over 70 international scholars demand release of journalist and researcher Ismail Alexandrani
A number of scholars and researchers from around the world have issued a statement calling on Egyptian
I am talking about all of us: A letter from prison
Two hundred days ago, security forces stormed a house in Santa (a district in Gharbiya Governorate) after
Shawkan goes on hunger strike to protest illegal detention
Ester Meerman | Photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid — popularly known as Shawkan — is going on a hunger strike to protest
A freelance photojournalist forgotten behind prison walls
Mai Shams El-Din | In a scene reminiscent of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, a group of photojournalists sat on the platform of
Sarah Rifky and Lina Attalah
Alien feelings follow friends and lovers’ abduction by a dystopian state
A few days ago, together with his son on the playground, Alaa was telling us about climbing a tree.
Shawkan: ‘As if’ the state were concerned with the right to communication
Photojournalist Shawkan, in detention for 4 years, on the right to communication
A Letter From Shawkan, Tora Prison
Amnesty International has collected nearly 90,000 signatures worldwide in a petition calling for
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Resetting the prison clock: Abouel Fotouh charged in new case days before completing maximum two years in remand detention
5 prisoners start hunger strike to protest unjust detention on anniversary of Egypt’s revolution
Lawyers: State Security Prosecution will stop receiving remand detention appeals until February
Lawyers continue to protest judge over clients’ repeated detention renewals
Imprisoned rights lawyer Mohamed Ramadan reports deteriorating health, poor detention conditions
Lawyers withdraw before Cairo judge in protest of continued detention of clients
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Mohamed Turky | Photo journalist "Shawkan" exceeds legal limit for pre-trial detention...730 days.