TOPIC power cuts
North Sinai’s ATM war
“They won’t push you out, but they are daring you to stay.”
North Sinai: Back to kerosene lamps
North Sinai's major cities were blanketed in darkness after three electricity towers were damaged
Feed-in tariff: A small step in the right direction
Isabel Esterman | When Egypt finally approved a feed-in tariff on September 16, the move was initially hailed as the government’s
Lights out
Nour Youssef | Ashraf expects to wait when he goes door to door in Cairo’s Ain Shams neighborhood to collect payment
Power outage hits Cairo, halts metro line
Nour Party demands electricity minister’s resignation
Update: Up to 90% of power restored, says electricity company chief
Officials trade blame for power shortages
6 MB members jailed for alleged plan to bomb electricity towers
Prime minister blames power cuts on vandalism, poor maintenance
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Cartoon: Wisdom of years
Andeel | "And why, after all, should you bother playing a game and finishing a mission, when you know the electricity will cut off before you be able to save the game?" 
Cartoon: Electro-irony
Andeel | Young man: So I make electronic music, like in, I connect devices to computer, make noises and then.. Old man: Hehehhe..