TOPIC post-colonial studies
Attempting to decolonize pedagogy in CILAS Alexandria
Gian Spina | How can we undo past ways of doing while attempting to enact new forms of thinking?
Elite conversations about Fanon in Cairo
Laura Bird | Fanon had deep contempt for the postcolonial native bourgeoisie as well as colonial masters: “The elite
Empty archives: What do we do with what we do not know
Laura Cugusi | In the era of hypervisibility the invisible is acquiring a new relevance in the dynamics of power that
Nader Andrawos and Alaa Badr
The Arab intellectual, past and present
Is it too self-indulgent to call such an ill-defined group a new intellectual generation?
Vijay Prashad
Edward Wadie Said: Ten Years After
Edward Said (November 1 1935 to September 25 2003). Those were dark days.  Iraq’s armies had taken