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Witnessing a massacre
Heba Farouk Mahfouz, Lina Attalah, Mosa’ab Elshamy and Sharif Abdel Kouddous | Four Egyptian journalists reconstruct the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in dispersal
Photos and video: Warraq residents clash with security forces over demolition
Look through photos and watch a video of the clashes between Warraq residents and security forces
Battle over the Nile
Heba Afify | Residents face relocation as Warraq targeted in ongoing campaign to reclaim "illegally" occupied land
Family of dead medical student accuse prosecution of attempting to quietly close case
Maddison Sawle | Family and friends of Ahmed Medhat, a medical student who died this week in Egypt, are certain that he
The Interior Ministry versus police clubs
Passant Rabie | “If you violate [police] rights, you have to expect that they will also violate other people’s rights.”
What the decision to test all detainees at a police station for HIV reveals about Egypt’s security services
Pesha Magid | It is not quite clear what the sister of a man arrested on suspicion of being gay expected when she told
A confrontation between the Interior Ministry and angry policemen
Mohamed Hamama | A crisis between Egypt’s Interior Ministry and police forces escalated this week, with seven leaders of
Police torture and public anger in Luxor
Mohamed Hamama | Friday prayers in mosques across Luxor ended uneventfully on December 4. They weren’t followed
Will new Interior Ministry committees tackle police violations?
Mai Shams El-Din | President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi praised the performance of the police during his visit to the Police Academy
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Jan 25, 5 years on: I didn’t go to Tahrir
It’s January 25, 2016, and it’s 12:55 pm and I haven’t gone to Tahrir. The truth is, not only
Sally Toma
The dehumanization of the nation
It was just after Friday prayers, the warm winter sun hesitantly promised serenity once more to the cabinet
and Aly El Raggal
The policeman and structures of power
“Policeman sexually assaults mentally ill girl.” “Video: Policemen insult corpse, place cigarette
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Court upholds manslaughter charges for 6 police officers over death of detainee
A presidential phone call and an official’s visit later, Warraq residents continue to reject relocation
80 Wadi al-Natrun prisoners join hunger strike protesting maltreatment
Policeman accused of shooting civilian in Ain Shams detained pending trial
Militant group Lewaa al-Thawra condoles 4 of its members in video
Police personnel investigated for serious crimes in 4 separate incidents
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Sisi’s sweethearts
Andeel |Sisi: "My sweethearts... sweethearts... sweethearts..."Policemen: "Papa... Papa... Papa..."
Cartoon: Police money
Sabry Eltawil | "Sisi allows the police to run private security companies." Policeman: Special discount during holidays.
Andeel | Hearse driver: "I'll go have a coffee, call me when you're done. "
Cartoon: [email protected]#% you, I’m a cop
Cartoon: Die, son of a bitch
Andeel | Police officer: "Die, you son of a bitch."Father: "Long live Egypt... Long live Egypt."
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