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Interior Ministry reshuffle: Is the state acknowledging its security failure in Wahat?
Omar Said | The Interior Ministry carries out a reshuffle of senior posts in the wake of the Wahat Road attack
To count by the book: Who can say what happened beside the Wahat Road?
Heba Afify and Omar Said | The Wahat Road attack has ignited debate around the state's role in reporting on events
The who, what and where of the Bahariya Oasis attack
Mohamed Hamama | Mada Masr attempts to answer some of the lingering questions regarding the Bahariya Oasis attack
Who was behind the attack in the Bahariya Oasis?
Omar Said | Official sources've offered little information and no group's claimed responsibility for the attack
A return to the 1990s?
Nadine Marroushi and Passant Rabie | Abandoned houses destroyed by shellfire, a mosque turned to rubble and burned huts lay among sand
Interior Ministry: Police kill 10 militants responsible for attack on Alexandria security director
Officer kidnapped in Wahat Road attack freed and militants killed following security operation
2 police officers killed in North Sinai; Province of Sinai announces death of Palestinian member
Court issues 8 preliminary death sentences in Helwan Police Station case
2 retired officers and conscript killed in Giza shooting; Province of Sinai claims 3 attacks in Arish
UN and international organizations condemn death sentences against 6 people in Egypt
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