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What I didn’t tell the officer: a review of Randa Shaath’s The Sand Mountain
Shady Zalat | "The Sand Mountain? Hmmm … Is this a political novel, Mr. Shady?”
Video | The sensory photographer
Nada Gamal | Hussein al-Orabi is a visually impaired student who is training to be a photographer.
On the politics of the image in conservative societies: An interview with Nadia Mounier
Leila Arman | In conversation with the photographer and visual artist on her first solo show
A letter about a nostalgic art tour: A screening and three exhibitions in Cairo
Andeel | You were probably expecting this in a different format, but we’re living in a different time now
The secret of the scented sand in 10th of Ramadan City
Karoline Kamel | In a deserted area in 10th of Ramadan City men, women and children are collecting bags of scented sand
On part of PhotoCairo6: What does ‘art is for all’ mean?
Mohamed Abdel Raouf | On slowly realizing the circle of courage to create and consume art is wide enough for everyone
Another stream of synonyms: A conversation with Rana ElNemr
Lina Attalah | Talking about undermining the documentary, intuition, maps, clichés and curiosity.
On a part of PhotoCairo 6: Defying romanticized notions of motherhood
Menna Ekram | Real, crude, honest and relatable accounts of mother-daughter relationships
Staging the truth: Azadeh Akhlaghi’s As an Eyewitness
Ismail Fayed | 17 assassinations over a century of Iranian history have been re-staged for spectacular photographs
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