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Systems of subtleties: Reflections on MASS Alexandria’s latest exhibition
Ash Moniz | The exhibition is MASS Alexandria's first since 2016.
Video | Stories in sign
Solafa Sallam | Ahmed, Madonna and Yasser speak about what it is like to live in Egypt with hearing impairment
In conversation: Aly Sobhy and Menna El-Laithy on becoming actors in Egypt
Heba El-Sherif | The performing arts couple talk family, career choices, social theater and hope
Gardens Speak: An imperfect but strong moment of empathy with Syria’s dead
Pesha Magid | The first thing you notice in Tania El Khoury’s interactive sound installation Gardens Speak is the
In photos: Fish, harassment, a strict hotel at 2B Continued festival
Rowan El Shimi | The theater is a stressful place during rehearsals, and stress levels increase as opening night draws
In photos: Dancers flood Sednaoui
Rowan El Shimi and Amir Makar | The building, in Cairo’s central Attaba district, was nationalized in 1961 but retains its original
Two takes on D-CAF’s The Library
Maha ElNabawi and Rowan El Shimi | The librarian brings your “book,” which is actually a person, asks you to take care of them and says
A crowning end: On the life and death of Sabah
Kinda Hassan | I remember this super-blond woman appearing on television in 1987, and making me want to break the screen
Without formality: Mawred’s 10th birthday celebrates collaboration
Laura Cugusi | Ten years after its foundation, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy culture resource has been celebrating its anniversary
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Ismail Fayed
Notes on belly-dance
I’d like to make a few notes on belly-dance beyond the moral debate around justifying it as a non-sexual