TOPIC parliamentary elections law
Alliance to Support Egypt source: We will change Constitution and Parliament law by October to establish new party
Rania al-Abd | The coalition aims to amend articles that stand in the way of its planned political party
Alliance to Support Egypt coalition in talks to form ‘political party for president’
Rania al-Abd | Pro-state majority parliamentary bloc Alliance to Support Egypt considers forming a political party
All in the family: Elections in Fayoum determined by tribal ties
Mohamed Hamama | “The priority goes to Egypt,” said Abdel Tawab Braik, a farmer in the Fayoum village of Tunis, when
Is parliament the best way for expat Egyptians to be involved in politics?
Mohamed Hamama and Ibrahim Bassem | The new Egyptian parliament will have a set number of seats allocated for Egyptian expatriates for the
5 controversies around the new electoral laws
The Cabinet approved three bills on Wednesday that could allow the often-postponed parliamentary
Does Sisi want a parliament?
With the Cabinet’s approval of a legislative package that will govern the long-delayed parliamentary
Election laws on their way out?
Passant Rabie | A forthcoming Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruling may jeopardize the long-anticipated parliamentary
Fragmented politics
Mai Shams El-Din | As political forces brace for parliamentary elections in Egypt, which were once scheduled to take place
A divided parliament
Mai Shams El-Din | A contentious draft law governing parliamentary elections is expected to be one of the first major challenges
Update: Elections committee rejects Ahmed Ezz’s candidacy papers
Elections countdown: 40 days
Rules announced for parliamentary elections
Sisi amends electoral laws to make way for parliamentary vote
Law passed to protect parliament from dissolution
Second meeting between Mehleb, political parties on electoral amendments inconclusive
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