TOPIC Parliament sessions
MP referred to ethics committee over reform initiative calling for Sisi’s early departure from office
Parliament was quick to take official action against Tantawi for the initiative.
Despite release of at least 96 detainees, calls for more ‘open’ political process, tense security situation highlighted by arrest of lawyers persists
Despite the decision to release at least 96 detainees, the security crackdown has persisted.
Parliament advances constitutional amendments by overwhelming majority, opposition speaks out
485 out of 596 lawmakers in Egypt's Parliament voted in favor of amending the Constitution
Parliament speaker warns against MP attendance to Israel’s national day celebrations
Parliament scraps discussion on punishments for giving Egyptian children ‘foreign’ names
Newspapers focus on state’s official position on Tiran and Sanafir and marginalize oppositional voices
Parliament refers critical journalist Ibrahim Eissa to prosecution, speaker comes under fire for comments
Egypt PM’s speech on floods and the economy provokes roars in Parliament
MP resigns amid parliamentary spat over foreign trip
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