TOPIC Panorama of the European Film
At Titi’s Balcony: A former political prisoner reflects above Tahrir
Rowan El Shimi | A film that's not about being Jewish in Egypt.
Some categorized recommendations for the Panorama
We help you navigate the program with 30 film recommendations.
Crossroads: Panorama of the European Film and our constantly evolving identity
Rowan El Shimi | Panorama allowed for a deeper viewing of films connected to the region, which added significant value
All about this year’s Panorama of the European Film
Jenifer Evans and Rowan El Shimi | This year there's 37 features, 12 documentaries and 16 shorts in several sections. Here's our brief guide
Two dialogues about the Panorama film festival
Ahmed Refaat | One talk with filmmaker and critic Tarek El Sharkawy, and one with with Swiss artist/curator Andrea Thal.
Films you must see if you’re in Cairo this month
Ahmed Refaat | November is an exciting month for Cairene cinephiles. Two highly anticipated festivals have movie watchers
Short films make a big splash at Panorama
Maha ElNabawi | Imagine an Egypt where stereotypical gender roles are reversed — an Egypt where men stay home cooking,
A youthful takeover: Marianne Khoury on the 6th Panorama of the European Film
Maha ElNabawi | Marianne Khoury is busy, and her Misr International Films office is bustling with people streaming in
FestBeat: Watching films in turbulent times remains important
FestBeat: Day 8 of Panorama prompts reflections
Festbeat: Waiting to be wowed on day 6 of Panorama
FestBeat: Panorama delivers tough questions on patriarchy and togetherness on day 4
FestBeat: 2 worthwhile films on Panorama day 2
Festbeat: Looking back at this year’s Panorama (day 11)
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