TOPIC Palm Sunday bombings
A presidential directive to freeze Parliament
New parliamentary formation to be engineered by the National Security Agency
Palm Sunday bombings: A security failure and the Islamic State’s expansion into the mainland
Omar Said | Church bombings point to national security failures and Islamic State territorial loses in the region
Parliament approves Emergency Law amendment, permitting indefinite detention
Parliament approves Emergency Law amendment to address void left by 2013 constitutional court ruling
Parliament approves amendments to criminal procedures, discusses Tiran and Sanafir agreement
Asmahan Soliman and Rana Mamdouh | Parliament claims the amendments will expedite prosecution in terrorism-related cases
From the scenes of the Palm Sunday bombings in Tanta and Alexandria
Basma Mostafa, Mohamed Gamal and Nahla El Nemr | Grief and anger in the aftermath of Egypt's church bombings
What Sisi can and can’t do under a state of emergency
What would a state of emergency mean under the current Constitution and emergency law?
Amro Ali
Alexandria’s church bombing and the deepening of melancholia
Shock and grief in Alexandria after the Palm Sunday church bombing
Pesha Magid
Trump and Sisi bond over counter-terrorism ambitions
The Trump-Sisi relationship will likely embolden both leaders in their fight against terrorism
8 men convicted by military court in deadly church bombings case executed on Monday
Military court hands preliminary death sentences to 36 accused of St. Peters and St. Paul Church attack, Palm Sunday bombings
Interior Ministry identifies Tanta church suicide bomber, 3 alleged accomplices
Interior Ministry announces identity of bomber involved in Alexandria Palm Sunday church attack
Authorities suspend Monday’s issue of Al-Bawaba newspaper
Israel closes Taba crossing, Islamic State fires rocket at settlement
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