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Exploring Makimakkuk’s multidimension
Maha ElNabawi | Makimakkuk’s music is intensely earworming; her ad-libs burrow so deeply into my psyche
Palestinians of Egypt: Collateral damage since 2013
Heba Afify | On their international day of solidarity, Palestinians of Egypt recount hardship and social aggression.
Watching over Gaza
Heba Afify | Um Iyad, 65, stands at dawn on the porch of her house in the Egyptian town of Rafah, watching the smoke
Waiting for another spring
Hanan Elbadawi | In March 2011, Mohamed, Khaled, Raed and Bashar were among the thousands of Syrian youth who chanted,
Budour Hassan
Palestinians do not leave the labyrinth even after their death.
Soheir Asaad
Tali’at: Our Struggle to Reclaim Politics
Our national struggle has yet to develop a radical, non-hierarchical understanding of liberation
Hala Marshood
Tali’at: Putting feminism at the center of Palestinian liberation
Social violence has been manifested inward, typically within that smallest of ostensibly safe places
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Palestinian found dead in police custody
Activists call for Facebook blackout after accounts of Palestinian journalists disabled
Israel shells Hamas positions in Gaza
Rafah border remains open for Palestinians moving to Gaza, but none allowed into Egypt
Gaza students protest Egypt’s continued closure of Rafah crossing
Rafah border guards allegedly kill young Palestinian
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