TOPIC Palestinian refugees
Last days of Yarmouk
Osama Moussa and Tom Rollins | Following its destruction, can the political and social history of Yarmouk Camp be rebuilt?
Education interrupted
Tom Rollins | Syrians in Egypt “live like any Egyptian citizen” with access to housing, healthcare and education,
Empty archives: What do we do with what we do not know
Laura Cugusi | In the era of hypervisibility the invisible is acquiring a new relevance in the dynamics of power that
Unwelcome guests: Egypt’s failed experiment in refugee detention
Tom Rollins | One night in September, a boat carrying over 200 refugees was brought in to Alexandria by the Egyptian
What will things look like after revolution and return?
Jenifer Evans | Jenifer Evans on a fascinating discussion at London's Tate Modern about Decolonizing Architecture Art
Waiting for another spring
Hanan Elbadawi | In March 2011, Mohamed, Khaled, Raed and Bashar were among the thousands of Syrian youth who chanted,
Jordan: The unspoken turbulence
Naira Antoun | As events in Egypt unfold, Jordan watches closely. But while Egypt is the topic of conversation, in a
Parastou Hassouri
US leverage of UNRWA: Palestinians as refugees and their right to return
Cuts to UNRWA’s budget are intended to push Palestinian leadership back to the negotiating table
Céline Lebrun
Death at sea: The via dolorosa of Palestinian refugees
In the past few days, the dozens of bodies swallowed up by the Mediterranean Sea have drawn the international
Rights groups condemn Egypt’s ongoing detention of refugees
Syrian refugees begin hunger strike protesting detention
Students stranded in Gaza protest against Rafah closure