TOPIC painting
‘Roznama 4’: Between the contemporary and a hard place
Ismail Fayed | “Roznama 4” is the fourth art competition held by Medrar for Contemporary Art. With an accompanying
Ahmed Sabry: Relieving the weight
Shehab Awad | Ahmed Sabry paints landscape murals in the apartments of Cairo’s newly constructed upscale neighborhood,
Nermine El Ansari: Envisioning volume
Shehab Awad | Shehab Awad explores the studio of artist Nermine El Ansari.
Shayma Kamel’s Cinderella paintings
A little girl in Egypt dreams of being a beautiful Disney princess. In a sense, she’s encouraged. Her
Dissecting Ovid: A review of Doa Aly’s ‘The House of Sleep’
Ismail Fayed | The artist had dissected her own drawings and exploded them in a different scale and to a different medium.
‘Brain Damage’: A varied and refreshing painting show
Mai Elwakil | 'Brain Damage' emphasizes painting as a living and contemporary medium that can engage the public.