TOPIC Oum Kalthoum
On the economic history of making music in Egypt and Yousra El Hawary’s crowdfunding campaign
Ahmed Nada | Crowdfunding may be a way to rebel against the rules of the market and the state.
Om Kalthoum: Appropriation so sexy?
Ismail Fayed | Sometime in the mid-1960s, an Egyptian dancer made an audacious attempt to do the impossible: belly dance
On the bankruptcy of fusion and how musical innovation really happens
Rami Abadir | Music that stems from cultural appropriation, in contrast to fusion, is produced spontaneously, assisted
A Gulfie record collector writes
Faisal Hamadah | The seminal 1970s Kuwaiti comedy show Darb al-Zalaq (The Slippery Path) tells the story of Hussain, a
Egypt’s old records: Obsessive collecting and squandered heritage
Nermeen Khafagy | Antique dealers, second-hand markets, auction showrooms, music lovers, music historians, amateurs and
Searching for new sound: Serious music and redefining authenticity
Rami Abadir | Redefining "authentic music" as serious music capable of introducing a new sound expands the scope of
The contradictions of independent music
Rami Abadir | The beginning of the new millennium saw the emergence of the term “independent music” in Egyptian
Band of the week: Badiaa Bouhrizi
Maha ElNabawi | Badiaa Bouhrizi lingers around backstage, warmly greeting fans lined up outside the curtains