TOPIC Operation Martyr's Rights
Civilian deaths and postponed start to school year mark North Sinai conflict
Mourad Higazy | Several people were killed by armed assailants in North Sinai amid ongoing security campaign
Rafah: The city of blood and desertion
Mourad Higazy | An August of heightened bloodshed in the fight between the military and militants in Rafah
14 days of a storm in July: Recounting what happened in Arish
Mourad Higazy | Arish residents speak of their confusion and fear during an intense security crackdown and loss of communication
In Sinai’s Rafah, the war continues
A North Sinai resident | During a meeting with “representatives of Egyptian society” held earlier this month, President
War in Sinai echoes strongly in Arish
Heba Afify | Since North Sinai became a battleground for the fight between militant groups and the military three
The cost of the Sinai war
Heba Afify | On Tuesday, the military announced the results of the eighth day of Operation Martyr’s Rights in Sinai
7 civilians killed in North Sinai militant attack as military campaign intensifies
Egypt intensifies anti-terror operations after North Sinai bombing
At least 13 security personnel killed in Arish bombing
Elections underway in North Sinai under heavy security, journalist arrested
2 police officers, Nour Party candidate killed in North Sinai
2 dead, 18 injured in bombings after military announces control over Sinai
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