A history of petro-modernism in the Middle East: Crude
Mai Elwakil | A show featuring contemporary artwork that engages with the oil industry’s vast, messy archive
OPEC cuts oil production in new deal, privileges key players
Lobna Monib | In an unprecedented step since the 2008 financial crisis, OPEC member states decided to cut oil production
Setting Libya’s latest oil struggles straight
Pesha Magid | Over the past few weeks clashes over Libya’s oil ports have broken out between forces linked to the
On the life of the late Robert Mabro (1934-2016)
Reem Saad | Alexandria-born academic and leading analyst in the oil sector Robert Mabro died at 81 on the Greek island
Egypt has spent half its petroleum subsidy bill for this fiscal year
Isabel Esterman | After keeping analysts waiting for months, the Finance Ministry finally released figures for its spending
Fall in global oil prices comes as a reprieve for Egypt
Amira Salah-Ahmed | The past eight months have been marked by a sharp and steady decline in global oil prices, a slump not
Saudi Aramco to resume oil shipments to Egypt
Egypt receives alternative oil shipments following Aramco decision to suspend imports
Libya to resume oil exports from captured ports
Libyan commander takes 4 key oil ports from UN-backed government
Environment Agency: Egypt unaffected by Israel oil spill so far
The Sunday macro-economy rundown: Oct 27
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