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Video | Nubian 4G
Mostafa Abdel Raouf | A phone app helps a new generation of native smart phone users learn Nubian.
Upper Egypt development law shifts attention from Nubians’ constitutional right to return
Rana Mamdouh | A law approved by Parliament on Tuesday is set to bring "economic development" to Upper Egypt
Nubian language, generational schism and state refusal
Leena ElDeeb | As the state fears that Nubian is a threat, it is up to civil society to maintain the language
Activists call Sisi’s announcements on Nubia insufficient
Mai Shams El-Din | Although Sisi announced the reversal of a decision to annex the Nubian Forkund village, activists argue
Nubians may turn to international courts to guarantee return to their lands
Mai Shams El-Din | “We've reached the stage where we are unable to deal with the government.”
On the edges: Nubians still live in the shadow of displacement
Dina Sayedahmed | The forced displacement of Nubian communities continues as villages are classified as military zones.
Constitutional wrangling
Mai Shams El-Din | As Egyptians wait for a final date to vote in the referendum on the draft constitution, advocacy and
Homeless in Nubia
Heba Afify | The first of many surreal moments that filled my two-day work visit to Aswan happened when I looked out
Heba Afify
When home is lost
In 2012, I met 67-year-old Ahmed Abdallah, a Nubian man who was among those displaced in 1963 to allow
Fatma Emam Sakory
Being Nubian in Egypt, and in the constitution
My parents are Nubian. They were both born in Cairo after their families were forcefully displaced
Trial of Nubian activists continues despite motion for judge’s recusal
Judges recuse themselves from Nubian activists case
6 Nubian activists briefly detained for protesting new presidential decree over land
163 people face trial for Aswan tribal violence
2 die in Aswan as warring tribes break truce
Govt accuses Brothers of exploiting Aswan violence
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