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Salafis today and the question of withdrawing from politics
Ahmed Badrawy | Salafi Dawah and Nour Party face difficulties in the shrinking landscape of political Islam
After staggering defeat, is it lights out for the Nour Party?
Ahmed Badrawy | “God willing, the Nour Party from the first round!” the Salafi party’s supporters chanted during
Clear winners and dark horses
Mai Shams El-Din | Low voter turnout wasn’t the only notable feature of the first stage of parliamentary
Turnout low, violations high, Salafis optimistic as voting starts in Alexandria
Ahmed Badrawy | Salafi Dawah deputy head Yasser Borhamy cast his ballot in Alexandria’s Montaza district on Sunday,
For elections, Salafis set their sights on Alexandria
Ahmed Badrawy | The Salafi Nour Party believes its campaign efforts were instrumental to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s
Nour Party struggles forth, despite all odds
Passant Rabie | The Salafi Nour Party will contest parliamentary seats in just two districts this year, according to
Popular campaign aims to dissolve religious parties
Mai Shams El-Din | A new popular campaign “No to Religious Parties” is collecting signatures to pressure Egyptian authorities
Dodging the Islamist bullet
Passant Rabie | “Beware of women belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood who will carry the Quran in their hands,” said
Bracing for an Islamist revolution
In a statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday, the group endorsed participation in the November
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Little interest as polls reopen for parliamentary elections Sunday
Nour Party candidate attacked in Mahalla
2 police officers, Nour Party candidate killed in North Sinai
Early reports indicate pro-Sisi coalition topping polls in Upper Egypt, West Delta
Elections countdown: 12 days
Pope urges Coptic candidates on religious party lists to ‘reconsider’
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