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Dancing under cover of a fictional rhythm
Daniel Blanga Gubbay | A text in the form of a music album: On Meeting Points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain
Doing nothing
Sarah Rifky | #WAYDO marks an interesting moment of collaboration between two types of institution and it stages a
Sofar Sounds fits snugly in Cairo’s DIY culture trend
Habiba Effat | Short-lived artist-run spaces, imaginary schools, newspapers set up by groups of journalists, rooftop
Do-Mystic Uni-Verse
Doa Aly | I'm squatting on the floor in the middle of Nile Sunset Annex, watching Walid ElSawi's stop-motion animation
On passion, pillars and punishment
Mohammed Abdallah | Malak Helmy’s latest body of work, The Passions of the Trash Drive: A Group Exhibition, was beautiful
A busy year for culture in Egypt, despite everything
An alphabet of important cultural events from 2013.
How to measure the Mediterranean
Jenifer Evans | Nothing really dies in Cairo, it's always circulating.
Do it yourself
Jenifer Evans | "I have a problem with the idea that contemporary art is a Western product and when it comes to Egypt
Have an alternative Valentine’s Day in Cairo