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A decade of dispute: The battle over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
"The answer to all of these types of concerns is cooperation and a degree of economic integration."
Egypt courts Sudan as time runs out in Ethiopia dam dispute
The clock is ticking in a long-running dispute over Ethiopia’s plans to build a mega-dam
Sources: Egypt ‘counting on US’ to prevent Ethiopia from filling dam without final agreement
US President Donald Trump wants to preside over a signing ceremony, said a source close to the talks
Ethiopia’s dam and political mistrust
Leyla Doss | For those Egyptians who tend to view the Nile as a limitless resource, Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam has
Sharif S Elmusa
Sharing the Nile waters according to needs
There may not be enough water for everybody to get all they want from the Nile’s waters, but sharing
Sharif S Elmusa
Egypt’s Nile Blues
Ethiopia is forging ahead with the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the
Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopian offer for transitional agreement on mega-dam to allow initial filling in summer
Government commits to reducing pollution in Nile Delta lake
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Minister says Ethiopia dam negotiations satisfying
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