TOPIC Nationalism
LE7 million price tag for Egyptian citizenship
Mostafa Mohie and Rania al-Abd | What are the requirements and criteria for Egyptian citizenship and how do they compare globally?
A reading into the history of Egyptian Jews: Grand narratives and fragile identities
Ismail Fayed | Reading Egyptian Jewish testimonies becomes an attempt to see new horizons for envisioning the future
Capital Cairo: A regime of graphics
Adham Selim | Four months after an extravagant announcement, the government’s plans to establish a new Egyptian
Whose Empire? Post-revolution history in a Ramadan TV drama
Susan D. Ellis and Meir R. Walters | Embratoreyet Meen? (Whose Empire?), one of the television series screened this Ramadan, is a light and
From nationalism to resistance and back again
Sarah Carr | If there is one song that in years to come will immediately conjure up the heady days of June 30, 2013
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘The White Rose’
Maha ElNabawi | One of the first popular films to tackle Egypt’s stark class system that still endures today
Of moral panics and state security
Sarah Carr | It was the usual story: A group of men “discovered” by the police engaging in “acts of perversion,”
Egypt’s musical nationalism, and a little George Orwell
Maha ElNabawi | Nationalism in Egypt is nothing new. But its current resurgence in the country’s cultural output would
Nader Andrawos and Alaa Badr
The Arab intellectual, past and present
Is it too self-indulgent to call such an ill-defined group a new intellectual generation?
Alaa Abd El Fattah
Advice for revolutionaries
Unsolicited advice is generally more a form of nostalgia than a practical position
Mohamed Naeem
Mother of the World, against the world and outside of it
I have long known that the contemporary Egypt in which I was raised could easily produce a figure like
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Five mishaps in promoting and securing the New Suez Canal
President Mansour’s final speech to be included in school curriculum
President mandates standing for national anthem and respecting flag
Stand for the national anthem or go to jail, says Cabinet
Cartoon: Nationalist area
Andeel | Speakers: *playing (Tislam El-Ayadi) song*