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TOPIC National Telecom Regulatory Authority
Update: Lawsuit demanding answers about blocks on internet calls postponed for 2nd time
Shahd Essam | The temporary outage of internet-based calling services like WhatsApp and Viber caused a social media
Overview of Egypt’s telecom sector: Between fierce competition and angry customers
Amira Salah-Ahmed | The brutally competitive worlds of advertising and Egypt’s telecom sector have collided — in Ramadan,
Monitoring communication: Where will the state’s attempts to control ‘space’ lead?
Mohamed Hamama | On March 20, Google released a statement announcing it had detected a security breach originating from
Supreme Administrative Court rules to block YouTube in Egypt for a month
Internet Revolution Egypt Facebook admin released on bail
Egypt’s Consumer Protection Agency refers Orange and Vodafone to prosecution for misleading ads
How will Egypt’s govt react to the new WhatsApp encryption system?
Confusion reigns over the status of Internet calling apps
Satellite Internet arrives in Egypt, with strings attached
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