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TOPIC National Security Agency
Interior Ministry reshuffle: Is the state acknowledging its security failure in Wahat?
Omar Said | The Interior Ministry carries out a reshuffle of senior posts in the wake of the Wahat Road attack
Disappeared, detained and tortured for no reason: Islam Khalil recounts his story
Heba Afify | A few weeks after being released from prison, Islam Khalil looks back at his detention conditions.
Anatomy of an election
Hossam Bahgat | "For the Love of Egypt … was born in this meeting. Yes, inside the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency.
I am talking about all of us: A letter from prison
Two hundred days ago, security forces stormed a house in Santa (a district in Gharbiya Governorate) after
The resurrection of State Security
Passant Rabie | “National Security is a big black box within the Ministry of Interior,” says Sherif Mohie Eddin,
The deep return
Heba Afify | A foreign journalist in Cairo, whose work appears in several prestigious publications was cornered near
Sherif Elsayed
America’s Prism: Our fears of the digital age come true
If the allegations over the extent of Prism’s mass data collection are true, then it would be a grotesque
Sisi commends National Security Agency on anniversary of Mubarak-era state security breach
Activist forcibly disappeared after being arrested in security raid
Security detains, interrogates American journalist and worker in Mahalla
Court reverses decision to ban MP Tawfiq Okasha from media
Update: Ashraf Shehata still believed missing despite Interior Ministry list of detainees
Interior Minister appoints new head of National Security in ministry reshuffle
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