TOPIC Nasserism
Defeat’s possibilities: 3 activists recount 1967 as formative
Lina Attalah and Yasmin El-Rifae | 1967: the moment that fractured the new nationalism; politically formative for generations to follow
Avant-garde art between Egypt and the Soviet Union: Visual comparisons
Ismail Fayed and Sarah Fayed | On the Soviet avant-garde that attempted to put forward new ideas through art before and during Stalin’s
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Dawn Visitor
Amany Ali Shawky | It feels we're being told a lie, half the truth or the whole truth but out of context in this sad, complex
Atelier Alexandria: The persistence of the state
Sohier Amin | It seems that a serious generational gap may be threatening this well-preserved ecosystem that has sustained
When it boils down to Nasserism
Jared Malsin | The spectre of Gamal Abdel Nasser is haunting Egypt’s upcoming presidential election. The election
Ismail Fayed
Death of a hegemon: Mid-century Egyptian music in Beirut
The term "hishik bishik" is an Egyptian expression to denote cabaret-like performance, especially one
Amr Adly
Structural crises that have become pressing
Continuous political turmoil since January 2011, and the resulting decline in the annual growth rate