TOPIC Muslim Brotherhood dynamics
An organization without a name: How a group of beginners killed Egypt’s prosecutor general
Mohamed Hamama | A story of a nameless organization and Egypt's most ambitious assassination operation in a quarter century
An internal review of the Muslim Brotherhood: Reform, militancy or politics?
Mohamed Hamama | Does the document represent a change in course, or a means to gain support from a political base?
Interior Ministry announces death of influential Brotherhood leader
Mohamed Hamama | Egypt’s Interior Ministry announced that influential Brotherhood leader Mohamed Kamal had been killed
June 30, 3 years on: The Muslim Brotherhood at breaking point
Mohamed Hamama | In the first of our series of articles three years after June 30, Mohamed Hamama narrates the Muslim
The hidden world of militant ‘special committees’
Mohamed Hamama | “I wanted to live through the military coup. Now, after all I’ve seen, I think I must have been mad.”
Is the Brotherhood turning to violence?
Heba Afify | An exclusive in the privately owned daily Al-Shorouk last week announced that seven groups within the
After state crackdown and rumors of rifts, Brotherhood faces identity crisis
Omar Said | The bloody dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins two years ago marked a decisive
No united front: Mixed messages from the Muslim Brotherhood on violence
Omar Said | Amid wide-scale social prejudice and a regime deploying its security apparatus to crackdown on the movement,
The Brotherhood diaspora
Media statements by a number of leading Muslim Brotherhood figures over their intention to leave Qatar
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Timothy E. Kaldas
The trials
The trial of deposed President Mohamed Morsi will almost certainly be a show trial and is of
Mohamed I. Fahmy Menza
The future of the Brotherhood
A few years ago, some social scientists propagated the concept of “post-Islamist” politics. They
Michael Meyer-Resende
Groundhog Day in Cairo
It feels like Groundhog Day in Cairo. Again, as in early 2011, masses of people demonstrated against
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Security forces arrest acting Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Ezzat
Abouel Fotouh remanded in detention, accused of leading terrorist group
Militant group Lewaa al-Thawra condoles 4 of its members in video
Recently formed militant group claims responsibility for 3rd operation
Internal rifts in the Muslim Brotherhood become more public
Who speaks for the Brotherhood?
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