TOPIC Muslim Brotherhood crackdown
How Egyptian diplomacy navigated the summer of 2013
Donya Ezzat | How Egypt’s foreign policy sailed through the difficult events of the summer of 2013
Is the Brotherhood turning to violence?
Heba Afify | An exclusive in the privately owned daily Al-Shorouk last week announced that seven groups within the
After state crackdown and rumors of rifts, Brotherhood faces identity crisis
Omar Said | The bloody dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins two years ago marked a decisive
A lethal attack revisited
On July 1, nine of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most senior leaders were traveling from the Nile Delta for
What if Badie is executed?
Omar Said | Judge Mohamed Nagy Shehata was in the spotlight again on Saturday when he upheld death sentences for
No united front: Mixed messages from the Muslim Brotherhood on violence
Omar Said | Amid wide-scale social prejudice and a regime deploying its security apparatus to crackdown on the movement,
A year at the courts
Dalia Rabie | This year was a year of court battles. The rule by law of the security apparatus, prosecution and
Out of the syndicates
Jano Charbel | Professional syndicates and labor unions have become a battleground for the fight against the Muslim
Talk about peace
Mai Shams El-Din | The political future of Islamist groups in Egypt is still up in the air, as rumors of closed-door meetings
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Timothy E. Kaldas
Hypocrisy abounds
One sad truth about politics in Egypt today — and there are many — is the extraordinary abundance
Karim Medhat Ennarah
The politics of mobilization and demobilization (Part 1)
On the anniversary of the demise of one form of political authority, I find myself contemplating the
Sarah Carr
Wrecking ball
Lots of comparisons are being made between the current mood and goings on in Egypt, and the country as
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Turkish group hacks MENA website, publishes image of Brotherhood leader sentenced to death
Abouel Fotouh’s family: Police claim he knowingly harbored criminals on family-owned land a ‘trumped up charge’
Abouel Fotouh remanded in detention, accused of leading terrorist group
State confirms arrest of 9 Muslim Brotherhood members after secretly detaining them for days
Sudanese authorities arrest 13 Egyptians said to be Muslim Brotherhood members
Egyptian football star Abu Treika added to terror list
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