TOPIC Muslim Brotherhood assets
This justice is not blind: New amendments to terror laws
Rana Mamdouh | Under one amendment, individuals on the terror list may see their syndicate memberships frozen.
Arrests target political figures involved in new coalition to run in 2020 parliamentary elections
Those detained face accusations of a plot to bring down the state ahead of the June 30 anniversary
Has the government finally found a mechanism to seize Brotherhood assets?
Mohamed Hamama and Rania al-Abd | Under the new law, the government can directly confiscate assets rather than merely freeze them
Out of the syndicates
Jano Charbel | Professional syndicates and labor unions have become a battleground for the fight against the Muslim
No freedom in delivering sermons, says state official
Mai Shams El-Din | “There is no such thing as freedom of religion on the podium of Prophet Mohamed,” the deputy minister
Syndicates: Loss of the MB’s last stronghold
Jano Charbel | The Muslim Brotherhood appears to be losing its grip on many of Egypt’s professional syndicates, which
Loaded labels and Egypt’s economy
Amira Salah-Ahmed | It’s another year down the drain for Egypt’s economy. Three years since the January 2011 revolution
Noha Moustafa | The Cairo Court of Appeal is considering a request submitted by Egypt’s newly appointed Prosecutor
Mohamed I. Fahmy Menza
The future of the Brotherhood
A few years ago, some social scientists propagated the concept of “post-Islamist” politics. They
Prosecution takes up political line in interrogation of several Coalition for Hope defendants, hands down 15-day detention orders
Placement of 296 on ‘terrorist list’ overturned by Court of Cassation
New committee formed to enact rulings related to terrorist list, including asset seizures
Court adds 1,529 to terrorist list opening door to possible asset seizures
Interior Ministry to be paid LE250 million in compensation from Brotherhood’s confiscated assets
State shutters 57 NGOs, a total of 500 closed this year
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