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Podcast | Katalog #3: BLTNM
Adham Zidan and Maha ElNabawi | In this episode, we speak with the founders of BLTNM, a record label based in Palestine.
Podcast | Katalog #2: Dina El Wedidi
Adham Zidan and Maha ElNabawi | When I heard the train, I heard a full band. It was great — there were so many different sounds.
Video | From Planet Kaio: The Synaptik
Ahmed El Sabbagh and Mai Elwakil | His debut album featured collaborations with El Rass, Bu Kolthoum, Abyusif, El Far3i and Mehrak.
Podcast | Katalog #1: Maurice Louca
Maha ElNabawi | Katalog is a podcast about the process, production and meaning behind select works from the region
An interview with Yasmine Hamdan
Ammar M. Hassan | "Kuwaiti dialect resembles English a little bit, Egyptian sounds dramatic, sometimes comic."
Cairo, coffee, headphones and a conversation with Nur
Kamila Metwaly | From making music for Sufi dhikr rituals to the popularity of musique concrète
Skype, drinks, headphones and a conversation with Omrr
Kamila Metwaly | In the second of our in-depth interviews with musicians, Kamila Metwaly talks to Omar El Abd.
Cairo, coffee, headphones and a conversation with Ismail Hosny
Kamila Metwaly | The first of a series of in-depth interviews with musicians, with embedded music.
Absolutely against nostalgia: An interview with Rami Abadir on his new release
Kamila Metwaly | "No music scene thrives on funds."
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